Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Windy nights, clear days

I'm up late again at the telescope. It's exciting knowing that I've got some more good images coming, but the riducu-wind hurt a lot. I'm about 4x less efficient than I should be, flux wise. AEOS is a weird telescope because the housing (dome) is more like a tuna-can than an actual dome. The telescope is fully exposed to the wind when the sides are down. The image bounced around like crazy. We put the tunacan walls up around midnight when my star was overhead, and it made the problem basically go away. Nice! Anyways, I think my reduction package is about 40 pages of code now and it's making pretty good plots. Maybe I'll have a good story to tell come March.....

And.... Driving down from the summit this morning, maui was ridiculously clear! The mega-wind kept the whole eastern face clear..... It's really deceptive - it will take me an hour and a half to drive to the city on the right side of the picture.


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