Friday, October 20, 2006

Cone Peak

Jesse and I wanted to do some back-country camping. Since Jesse's cat freaked out, peed on my sleeping bag and then diarrhea'd on Jesse while he was sleeping Wednesday night...... we didn't leave till 1ish on Thursday. Instead of heading to a long hike to some hot springs, we headed a bit further south to cone peak. My dad and I had been there in March, a year and a half before. It was perfect weather and I talked Jesse into spending a night on the summit with me. We camped in a little flat patch on the Vicente flats trail and then hiked the 4 miles to the summit the next day. We caught a great sunset & sunrise then hiked down and drove back to Santa Cruz.

Here's the shadow the mountain cast at sunset. It had one at sunrise too....
Some cool coastline rocks from the summit.
Colors looking north at sunset from the peak.
Jesse snoozing at the summit lookout. He slept 14 hours the first night and maybe another 12 the second. Not that you get good sleep camping, but maybe the length makes up for the interruptions.
Cone peak from the Vicente flats trail.


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