Saturday, October 28, 2006

Summit Work

I just got a student license to photoshop so I can start working with my raw photo's. I can do a lot more processing..... The contrast is pretty amazing. I'm doing a lot of processing while we're observing (it's 4am... again).

We spent a ton of time doing optics - You have no idea how excited/happy I am that I came over here and got all this stuff done. Basically, 2 motors got fixed, we got about 150 times more calibration light to the camera, the spectrograph is 6 times more efficient in gathering the starlight I need, and I've got tons more thesis data. Excellent! I'm exhausted, and there's still tons left to do, but this has been a very very productive few days of work.

I could tell you more but then I'd get executed in a "secret prision" after an "extrordinary rendition" to a "terror-supporting-country" that we just happen to send our prisoners to.....


Blogger Diane Harrington said...

what there are secret prisons? suspects are guilty until proven innocent? I'm shocked and appalled surely our goverment is open and honest with us!

8:25 AM  

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