Monday, November 13, 2006

19 days to go.....

The BJJ Tourney is in 19 days. It looks like I'll be in the intermediate no-gi division again, since they're trying to keep people in the same ranks for the Triple Crown competition. Basically, there are 3 tournaments over the year. The person with the most points in each rank in gi and no-gi, regardless of weight, gets the belt. I'll be competing with blue-belt's in the gi division, and with intermediates in the no-gi division. The thing with BJJ is that there really aren't that many people above blue belt. It's not like TKD where you get your black belt guarenteed in 3 years, just for showing up to class. The first year or two in BJJ is spent at white belt. Then another 1-4 at blue-belt. Then you're up in the open divisions since the next belt, purple, and up are all instructing ranks. There's a really wide variation between schools too. Some give out a blue belt in 6 months. Too bad those guys get their asses kicked. I think ours is the slowest. I know people who have been grappling for 8 years and are still blue belts. There's a reason for a few of them, but still..... Anyways, I've been hanging out around 165lbs. The light-weight division is 149-161 lbs and I've been able to get down to 158 for most competitions. We'll see how this one goes. Let the training begin!


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this could be a comic book poster good luck with training and competition

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