Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Flat-Thing Rooftop

I used to go to the roof of my building a lot to read and play with nunchucks. I think I scared a lot of the faculty. One is convinced that I'm "training an army" to take over the IfA. They lock the door now, but I have a way to get the key! It's a shame that most of them think that everybody should do "science" every day, all day. Science, of course, means processing pictures of galaxies only. Too bad they're uncoordinated, hurt from years of hunching over a computer, fat, and sick all the time. It's amazing how they can be really "smart" by some standards, but don't understand the idea that they need to "maintain" their bodies a bit or bad stuff might happen. Everybody has some "squish" to them, but it's the ones that sneer at you for saying you exercise and claim it's a waste of time that get me. Others will hoark down donughts at morning coffee, but use "nutrasweet" as if the 20 calories in that packet of carcinogen makes up for the 3 deep-fried, sugar coated wheat products they just inhaled......... Personally, I'd rather have a little bit of quality than a heap of crap.

Anyways, here's a picture of me and this "Flat-Thing". My cousin is doing a middle-school project where flat-thing is sent around, has it's picture taken, and sent back. I thought you might like the view from the roof.


Blogger Liz said...

you forgot "refined". It should be 3 deep-fried, sugar coated, refined wheat products. Cause it's not like their getting any whole grain good-ness (as david keeps harping on me when i eat noodles and bread.. yuk, that has refined grains... eeeewwww).

8:28 AM  

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