Saturday, January 28, 2006

Pharma Number II

I got some interesting comments from the drug cost statistic post. I'd like to clarify it. That was not an attempt to say that drugs should cost less. That was just a statement about profit margins. The materials cost is negligable so that what you pay goes directly to human resources, r+d, profits, rent, etc. The cost of the drug has nothing to do with the cost of materials, just the cost of production (people, rent, marketing, etc). You can do a lot when you're making hundreds per month on something that costs cents.

I've heard some interesting statistics that I haven't been able to verify, but I might believe... There are about 25 billion perscriptions in this country right now. That's 10 pills per person. I don' t know about your grandparents but I've seen those pill boxes. Thoughts?

The thing I really wonder about is why we need so many meds right now. Are the people downing pills in the morning that much better off? I haven't found any good statistics.


Blogger Jesse said...

Primate's like drugs, and when you stamp the gov't seal of approval that it's safe, tried and true, spice it up with a lot of marketing, what do you expect? I mean seriously who wouldn't want to buy something that's supposed to make your life better, and all you need is to eat a little pill (and have the money). Have you seen the comercials with people running through fields, smiling and laughing? Aren't you supposed to be SICK? Depressed? Oh wait, they're marketing what happens after you take the bad. It's the same shit anybody sells-bought happiness, in a little jar.

1:35 PM  
Blogger geekedout said...

for sure. it's weird how they play on peoples unhappiness. it's a little devious. smart though. making billions at it. you're right that everybody likes happiness in a jar. it takes effort and a bit of harsh reality to see how you could be fucking yourself up (eating crap, not exercising, stressing about work, valuing something empty, etc). it's easier to chant your little phrase, take your pill and pay $5 on sunday for a better life later.

3:49 PM  
Blogger Jesse said...

glad you made the sunday comment cause I was trying to allude to that w/o saying it!

4:23 PM  
Blogger Liz said...

Well, kinda like your moms stroy illustrates.. we wouldn't actually want to do something that's cheap and effective (or actually fixes the problem - not the symptom) cause it doesn't make any money. You don't gt repeat business that way.

5:16 PM  

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