Sunday, January 08, 2006

No More SLR

This will be the last of the timelapse for a while. I've turned the SLR back in for my refund and given it up for a little while. A $700 camera is nice, but considering that is an enitre paycheck, that's a little much.

I managed to catch something increadably beautiful. This has to be my favorite timelapse so far. It's short but sweet - here in mp4 or a smaller version here in mov

And this is the last of the star-trail shots. This one was taken over an hour. I'm working on hacking the 'joint' camera that liz and i bought a year ago. If I can make it work, perhaps I can resume this quality lapsing.......


Blogger Jesse said...

dude, I've been checking out your stuff, and I gotta say its sweet, you have an eye for the world, that lapse above is incredible.

10:20 PM  

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