Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Jiu Jitsu Dizzy....

The semester started monday. It's been pretty full on so far. I feel a bit like I shouldn't be in classes since I'm supposed to be done now, but there's some really cool stuff here. Not to mention that if I didn't take classes, I'd be stuck in my little cave behind a computer all day which is retarted. I've got a tuition waiver dammit. I'm going to use it.

The redeeming part is that everybody is back for grappling and the boxing classes started up too. The BJJ group has hella-people now. Newbies everywhere. I can't say how much I really like those two classes. There something about fighting that just makes everything relax and puts you right in the moment. It's probably that if you don't your going to get jacked in the face and not enjoy the next few minutes. At least that's how you learn right? Something that most people don't know is that most fighters are particularly well adjusted people. Probably because they get all their nasty shit out someplace healthy like the gym instead of by snapping one day. There's a telescope in Texas that still has 6 bullet holes in it if that gives you any idea of the kind of people I work with here...... I was up late at my office one day maybe a year ago and outside in the hallway I heard two guys basically screaming at each other, one accusing the other of cheating at a video game, probably star trek vs star wars or something. I mean, 4am on a wednesday at work and you've obviously been playing video games way too long. Not that I've got total rights because I was still at work at 4am, but at least I was there working and took the next week off to go out into the "real world" and hang out at the beach. And then there's the people who try to say they know a lot about kung-fu cause the played Tekken for a year. I think I'm picking up habits from Sean. Ranting about retartedness is pretty fun.....

Old news, I know, but this was a cool part of the tournament finals - can you guess where I was half a second later? Perhaps..... on the ground....... But that's ok cause I got to choke him and win.
Classic "passing the guard" shot. Notice the shirtless guy in the background. I suppose he was one of those people who still get aggro at tournaments. He almost started a fight with one of our guys. Perhaps it's all the steroids - he had a 10-pack and weighed 220.


Blogger Diane Harrington said...

I agree with well adjusted gym people vs the road rage workaholic can't have fun set, If you can't have fun and work life is much more stressful. My twice yearly Florida and upcoming Hawaii helps with that!!

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