Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sharks Cove Snorkel & Rope Breaking

Pascale and I headed to Sharks Cove early for a long snorkel. I brought my wetsuit + extra "shirt".... finally I was warm in the water. Clear water, no waves, and lots of tasty... I mean pretty looking fish.

After the swim we went to Dillingham and proceeded to try to launch the Lark with some rope and my car. Yes, it sounds ghetto, but my car totally had the power. It's just that the rope was junk and broke every time the Lark got up to 20-50 feet. Cliff basically had to do 4 rope-break training flights. We ended up getting a tow from Elmer mid field. Cliff thermaled up to 2500 and I got to do a Clover Leaf. Then I caught one up to 3500 and Cliff quarter-cloverleafed in to inverted a couple times, then we clover-leafed it down to land. I think the rope breaks scared Pascale off flying for a while.


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I love turtles.

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