Saturday, May 15, 2010

Auto-Towing and Looping

Today was packed full of stuff. We did auto-tows to launch the Lark. It's a weird thought but all you need is a pickup truck going 50ish to get yourself up on the ridge. Cheap and you climb like a kite 45 degrees up. Very cool. So I did 6 training flights and got my auto-tow endorsement so I can do that with friends now. Fun times. Now, an even funnier thing is that we actually broke a rope and I had to do an emergency landing. But, since I was doing training flights, the instructors usually pull that on you at some point. I thought Doug was just messing with me. Come to find out, it was for real. At any rate, Brad and I went up and were able to soar for quite a long time. I got in 8 loops, 2 clover leafs and a few other goodies.


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