Sunday, May 16, 2010

Flying the Crater

Sat May 8th:

Joanna's brother Tomek and his girlfriend (also named Joanna) went on one of the most fun flights I've done so far. Well, depends on what kind of flight but anyways, we took off from Honolulu, landed on Molokai (Kalaupapa), landed in Kahului, Maui, then landed in Hana before climbing up over the Haleakala Crater. Flying by the windward rim of Haleakala was fantastic. We were 10,500ft up and got to cruise high all the way back to Dillingham. Joanna picked up the crew and I flew back to Honolulu via Kalaeloa later that day. What a ride.

Tomek took some fantastic pictures and videos. I've put a few of his shots here:


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