Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Memorizing Regulations

In preparation for my (eventually) upcoming check-ride, I spent some time trying to learn some of the things I wasn't so good at. Basically I missed questions on regulations and perscribed procedures. I was coming at the exam as if it was a "prove you can fly your plane" exam. I'm way over prepared for that. I found out it was a 3 hour oral, mostly on procedures and regulations then less than 1 hour actually flying. Go figure. I spent a lot of time this weekend digging around online and found a surprising thing. All the books that your're "supposed to buy" are online as pdf's for free. I didn't need to buy 10 books. You can download the regulation book, information manual, and all kinds of handbooks on the FAA or other sites for free. You can go to several sites and take practice tests, complete with answers and coaching, even focused on any subsection you like, all for free. That would have been handy. It's over 1500 pages of stuff to read and thousands of practice questions, but I have no excuse save lack of time now....

It also turned out that I didn't have anything like all the necessary paperwork - Steve isn't a fan of regulations so it took a lot of digging just to find what I'm required to do and the endorsements I'm required to have. I'm the first to take a check-ride to get a license in a motor-glider down at the field so Steve didn't really know. I needed to have a 25-mile cross-country and a 50-mile cross-country solo endorsement as well as several other specific statements in my logbook, signed and dated. I was supposed to take my check-ride today but it the weather and a storm of paperwork canceled that pretty quickly. It's been a learning process for sure. I was even the first to wash the plane in months. I covered 4 rags in exhaust goo from the bottom of the plane. Next shot, Feb 8th....

Required Stuff:
Current sectional chart
Pacific chart supplement
FAR (regulations)
AIM (information manual)
Engine logbook
Maintenance logbook
Flight logbook
Registration, Airworthyness, Current inspections.

Handy stuff:
Pilot's handbook
Weight n Balance handbook
Glider flying handbook
Airplane flying handbook
Hawaii Airports & Safety Guide


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