Saturday, November 01, 2008

Tepoztlan & Lawyers

By some strange twist of fate, I ended up driving into the mountains and spending the afternoon with two of the Mexican Supreme Court justices and some of their friends n fam. Go figure. One of them, Jose, is a friend of Gloria's - and he's got an awesome weekend home in Tepoztlan. I took the bus in from Mexico City around 7am. While Gloria rode the horses, I spent the morning working on my talk. Then Gloria took me, with her husband and two daughters, out to this little town in the mountains. It was a very calm, family-oriented hang out day. Everybody just spent time talking. The kids played in the pool. We had a many-course meal. Lots of rice and veggies in tasty sauces. One of the guys told this story about the extradition and trial of an old minister of the interior, Alvarez. I couldn't follow the spanish, but everybody there spoke English really well and I got the highlights. That's another point - I wish Americans knew more languages. I always feel like an idiot in other countries when the Europeans come in knowing how to speak basically everything. At least we could do two languages.... Everybody knew about the upcoming election, in some cases much better than I did. Everybody wanted Obama. Everbody didn't understand why we crazy Americans voted for Bush "again". I didn't have an answer...


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