Friday, October 31, 2008

Flying to Mexico

Thursday night I left for Mexico City. It would prove to be a long day of travel.... 7pm Thursday to 6pm Friday awake on airplanes or in airports. The 7 hour layover in SFO is what did it. At least I got a lot of work done! I've been slated to give a talk on the "Haleakala Observatories and Exchange Opportunities". Or something like that. Basically, Jeff and I are here to begin the process of organizing a yearly exchange program between UNAM and IfA. 2-3 per year going both ways. In addition to working with Gloria on the binary star / tidal-forcing program. The flight was basically uneventful. Mexico seems like a very busy, crowded place. The pollution is pretty bad, though Santiago was much worse. I managed to get in to my hotel room without using a word of English. I'm amazed I guessed the right answer to rapid-fire questions. I would keep having Japanese pop in to my head when I needed Spanish.... The exchange rate is 10+ to 1 so food is pretty cheap here. I basically walked through the hawkers and shops from the airport, through the attached bus staion to the hotel before passing out. Nothing exciting.


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