Friday, November 07, 2008


There was some entirely random fortune and luck in travel schedules. On the way back from Mexico a crew was in Flagstaff observing at Lowell. Heather, Sonnett and Karen had time Wed-Fri nights. Since the ticket home from MEX cost less if I added a stop in PHX, I got to take a free weekend in Arizona. Bonus!!! I came in Friday and drove from Phoenix up to Flagstaff. Sonnett's friend Caitlin was driving up right behind me. The four of us went out on the town and then headed back to the rental house. It was beautiful. One thing I've learned from traveling with many people - if you've got 3+, vacation rental homes are a total bonus deal. They're way cheaper and way better than hotels! We went to Safeway after the bar and I got some good Tequilla. I had been inspired from Jeff's Don Julio Reposado celebrating Obama's election. I also had a most interesting conversation with some guy in the bathroom, who was trying to pee but could barely stand up. Random. Anyways, got to sip good Tequilla by a fire in an awesome house and talk about special-ed programs, education and what it's like working in AZ. Heather, in usual fashion, passed out around 9pm...


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