Sunday, February 17, 2008

Ice Storm Day

This was the craziest ice storm I've seen in a while. We woke up to freezing rain. Like typical Michigan Men, dad and JR debated the weather for several hours while Sara, Jen and I took a walk around the lake. I brought my camera and caught some really nice shots of the trees. The flash was killer. Just killer. I'm stoked on these..... After that, we tried to go to the Michyawe for the hot tub and pool, but the ice shut them down. Susie left with Joey and Eric so the cabin emptied out a bit. Then JR and Jen left around 6. The rest of us ended up just sauning and drinking. Sara and I took a night walk down the roads and ended up sliding all over the place.... Puddles on top of packed snow makes for some really fun conditions.


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