Monday, January 14, 2008

Surprising Weather

i've been really surprised at the weather. the first night had 50mph winds at sunset but those died down around midnight. the air has been incredibly dry so the seeing has been great. nose-bleed dry.... i've been getting some really nice data, filling in some gaps in my thesis. i've also been doing some exploring with some brighter targets and found some neat things. i know i'm a little insane with this stuff, but i think having a giant store of data is a good thing. the scope is going down for 9 months starting this summer so i need to have something to tide me over.

the near-ir hdr shots are fabulous.....

mauna kea

the big island, mauna kea on the left.

mauna loa

then, here's the difference between individual (grainy) snapshots, and a 500-image stack (co-adding).

holy whopping signal.... this is going to be a nice thesis plot.


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