Friday, January 25, 2008

Sucky Wrist Update

I got my full-arm cast taken off and replaced with a temporary restraining cast on Monday morning. My wrist was sore and I couldn't really move it fully. I still don't know whether it's healing or not... My elbow still is really stiff and hurts at full extension. 3 weeks of not moving a joint does funny things. Anyways, on Wednesday morning, I went in to a different Kaiser location and got this plastic strap-on cast made. It goes all the way to my elbow and stops my wrist from twisting (fixed in suppinated position), but I have use of my elbow. Using my arm has slowly gotten rid of the stiffness but it still hurts at full extension and contraction. The totally awesome thing is, I can exercise again!! Basically I have to wear this cast full time, but I can take it off, dry it, shower, and put on a new "sock" lining. I've gone nuts the last couple days. I ran a total of 12 miles M-W, hiked twice and went to the weight room on Thurs, and went hot-tubbing! Damn it feels good to do stuff again!! I'll be in the weight room in under an hour as well! I can't really do anything with my arms, but I can work everything else. It feels great. Anyways, I have my next appointment on Feb 8th, just before I come home. The rehab lady says it's usually 6 weeks with this kind of cast, but the doc mentioned 3 weeks. I don't know. We'll see how it goes..... At least I can do things now.


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