Thursday, January 24, 2008

My first hike in a while....

I got my removable cast Wed. morning and decided to celebrate. I skipped work with Jeff (Rich) and went to hike Koko Crater and Mariners Ridge. It was a somewhat rude reminder of how far I've "fallen".... I used to be able to pound up those stairs, but I was really hurting by the top. 1200ft of stairs should only take 30 minutes. Damn. The view was just great though. After a pizza break, we then hiked Mariners Ridge. Again, awesome views. I thought the day was going to to be cloudy and rainy, but there was nothing but little cotton-balls on top of the Ko'olau range. Good stuff.

The Ko'olau range (Mariners Ridge with houses on it).
Looking east towards Sandy's and Makapu'u.
Hanauma bay.
Diamond Head, the Hawaii-Kai strip, and town.
Mariners Ridge from Koko Crater.
Koko Crater from half-way up Mariners Ridge
Waimanalo Bay from the top, Lanikai & Kailua in the distance....
Looking east down the Ko'olau ridge, Waimanalo below.
Waimanalo's end, Lanikai & the Mok's, Kailua bay distant.
Olomana and the Ko'olau range.


Blogger Jesse said...

Dude, Nice pics!

How do you get the green color to come out so much? What sort of color balance/filters are you using?

2:09 PM  

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