Sunday, December 23, 2007

A Stone-House Afternoon

The weather is pretty interesting. There's no inversion layer so there's clouds blowing all over the place. I took a few hours and hiked a little hill near-by to do some photos and timelapse. One thing I kept noticing was big groups of jacked-up trucks (locals) driving up to the summit to grab snow for xmas. We have white christmas here too.... On the drive up to the telescope, we saw a guy on a hill near the summit riding his boogie-board down the hill sledding. Some trucks were driving down the mountain with a snoman on the hood (yes, blocking their view of the road). Others had little pine-trees stuck in the snow in the bed of the truck. Very holiday!

Snow convoy.
Mauna Loa from the hill (NIR).
Hale Pohaku and Mauna Kea.
The other side of Mauna Kea.
Hualalai - the kona-side volcano.
Little cinder cones at lower elevation.
Snowy Mauna Loa across the saddle.


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