Saturday, December 22, 2007

Hale Pohaku, Mauna Kea

I'm going to be working nights on Mauna Kea over baby-jeezus day. I've got three nights on CFHT to do. Not all the time is mine, but I've got to stay up there the entire time and do other people's programs when I'm not doing my own. I spent tonight at Hale Pohaku. I stayed up late working on my thesis while acclimatizing. Hale Pohaku is a lot nicer than Mees, but I don't have my own kitchen. That's the only drawback. But I'm not complaining. I did get to do a night lapse, and the full moon makes things look great from out here. Both mountains are snow-capped and it looks really neat. Very not tropical. The summit was in the fog the whole time, but down here we were doing fine. There was no wind at all which makes photography easy. Since most of my camera gear is now gone, I've got to rely on spare parts.... It will be interesting seeing what I can get out of this trip photo-wise. The weather forecast isn't great, but I should at least get Tuesday night.


Blogger ingeloes said...

pretty pretty pretty, although i'm a martian the moon is so stunning

one day.....

6:19 PM  

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