Saturday, October 13, 2007

Thesis Part 1 is DONE!!!!!

Well, at least almost done. Since Jeff's got me writing a NSF grant proposal to support the next few years of work, I needed to get this paper out of the way as quick as possible. It feels really good to have it done. Basically, I wrote up maybe 27 pages (44 figures... apj style) about the new setup, my code improvements, calibrations and some basic comparisions of my instrument on Maui to a number of others. It's scarry how strong the telescope polarization is - it really messes with my measurements. But, there are some comparisons with other instruments that do quite well.... I still don't have it all sorted out, but at least I've got a start. Anyways, it's been submitted to PASP, just like my old paper. Basically, this one is part II of the old paper. And, decently enough, my ApJ letter on observations and Jeff's on theory came out now too. Plenty of stuff to start stapling together for a thesis!

"Spectropolarimetric observations of Herbig Ae/Be Stars I: HiVIS spectropolarimetric calibration and reduction techniques."

Whopping polarization.


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Bad telescope...... should be flat zero!!


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