Monday, December 25, 2006

A Hike to Holua for XMas

Since there is no chimney up at the summit, and I don't really see a fat guy in a rocket-ship magic-sled flying around in my timelapses, Liz and I decided to risk losing free presents dropped from god's errand boy to go on a hike into one of the prettiest places on Earth. We hiked down to the crater floor (down switchbacks, 8000-6500ft). Then, I took her and some cool people we met into the "Lava Tube". It really is a lava tube - these caverns that form when a specific type of lava flows (pahoehoe). The walls had the frozen drips of the molten rock all over in a very neat pattern. The rock has been coated by 1000s of years of water flowing down the walls (carbonaceous crust?).
For my brother..... if only I had a fur-patch a tenth the size of his......


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