Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Sliding Sands Hike

Liz and I slept really really late and couldn't do a big hike, but we did go down into the crater to the flats around 8000ft. It was a little strange/interesting to think that somebody had died two days ago, near where these pics were taken. It definately made you think about your pulse. It does race up here when you exert yourself. Actually, it's a weird kind of exertion. Your muscles never feel that tired but your heart and lungs are racing. I usually end up coughing or weak-feeling after I go jogging or climb the trails quickly. It's definately a strange feeling. Tons of fun though when you go back down to sea level and you can run forever.


Blogger carly82wce said...

Well I dont know if its the same but I wanted to get my bike from my parent house the other day so I thought what the hell I'll run there, o I got home from work and set off about 6pm and we've just got daylight savings and it had been a hell hot day, so I made it like 6km in about 30 degree heat and then called my mum to pick me up, then rode home, the moral of the story being, dont try and do a bi-athalon when its really hot.
This lost its link to your crater running story........

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