Thursday, November 23, 2006

Emu Pit

We spent turkey-day on the North Shore with Billy again. He has the "Emu-pit", and this year was the best year ever. An Emu-pit is a big hole in the ground that steam-cooks things. It's a Hawaiian thing. You have a fire over basalt rocks in the morning to get the rocks red-hot. Chop down a bananna tree and put pieces of it over the rocks - the wet wood steams the meat. Then you put down the meat wrapped in ti-leaves (to protect the meat) and then cover the pit with a wet burlap cloth to seal the steam in. We also use a tarp to keep a good seal. This year, the seal was so good (dirt around the outside) that the tarp puffed up like a drum. Pressure-cooked!! I didn't get back from Maui in time to chop down the Bannana tree's but it was fun anyways. We convinced Tanner (Aren/Erin's kid) that the turkey might still be alive and we might have to catch it when we opened the Emu. Messing with kids is pretty fun sometimes.....


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