Tuesday, June 20, 2006


There's this online data archive of published papers called astro-ph where I just submitted my first paper - pdf here. I had to spend 2 hours learning how to compress figures and reformat things. I'm sure I'll use this stuff later, but it seemed like a waste of an afternoon. Anyways, the paper's due to be published in the PASP journal this month. Should be cool to finally get a real, first-author paper out, since so far I've only published posters and abstracts. I think the only cool thing to come of this was that I found out about ImageMagick which makes image processing ridicu-simple on mac/unix/linux machines. You just type "convert fig.eps -resize 50% whatever.jpg" and it takes care of all the file-format nonsense. Forget photoshop! Well, not really, but it can do most things anyways. It's awesome. At least I got to make and submit an abstract for the Brussels meeting today too. I feel at least a little more prepared to give a talk at a big meeting.....


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Read your paper, good stuff even for us EEs.


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