Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Big Waves

Liz and I went to the North Shore on Monday to see some big swell. It was at least tripple overhead at Waimea. Tons of gawkers and traffic sucked after 9am, but since we got there around 8 we just laughed at all the suckers. As usual, I was playing with the SLR since it's shutter can do 1/4000 sec. The breaking waves made some really nice splashes.

A shot from - imagine getting pounded by that. No wonder a few tourists die every year down here..... They let their kids play in the shore-break just past the yellow -tape and big signs saying NO SWIMMING!!

Three Tables - For those who have been there this will be pretty wild. Instead of a shore-break, they were barreling 30 yards out and they formed a line out past Waimea. You can barely see the surfers from here.....

A Monk-Seal taking a nap. He/She was there all day.

Sploosh & Gurgle. I really like how the upwash has lots of little vertical drops.
Thwap. Aka, Batman.
Slurp. Liz was louder than the waves at times......... ;)

Liz at the pool - I had noticed a cool ripple picture she took at the Qual-Party. I had to head down and try it out with da SLR.....

And here it is - Caustics and interesting reflections. The ripples basically distort and focus the reflected light in cool ways . And the parting shot - Liz at the pool.


Blogger Liz said...

Those look pretty kick ass. I quite like the dirty slr... too bad it's so damn expensive!
I never thought about taking swell pics from surfline.. good idea!

So on the last comment i made, I had the word verifacation - badkenqy - All I could think about were "bad kinky" and "bad kenji" - like Ken in bjj..

1:22 PM  

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