Saturday, December 24, 2005

SLR Madness

For those who know me best, this will come as no surprise. I have a gadget-addiction. I like playing around with new toys to see what I can do with them. So, last night I was at Costco, the summation of 'merican values store, and I noticed a bunch of cameras. Now, Costco has this wonderful policy - they won't put batteries in the camera or let you read the instruction booklet. They just tell you to buy the camera and try it out. Just like when Amazon tells you the price is too low for them to display so you have to add it to your shopping-cart to see it. It's a great marketing play on peoples desires. Anyways, I always feel a bit strange just buying a camera, using and testing it, and then getting cash back in a few weeks when I've figured out that I like the one I have and don't really feel like paying $800 for the SLR I just used to take this picture.......

For Jesse - SLR's are nice and their optics are pretty good, but the cost of extra lenses is huge, this one can't take video, and I just don't have $2000 to buy the SLR equivalent of all the nice crap I already have (.75 wide to .45 wide ($300), triggering box for timelapse ($150), telephoto lens ($200) etc) But, I will be enjoying the 1/4000 shutter and 28 aperture and 3200 ISO!!


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