Sunday, December 25, 2005

Being a man....

Sean told me that I should "be a man and write the damn html" for my personal website. He was right. Up until this moment, I was a juvenile, pimple-faced, squeaky-voiced code-writing wannabe. No more!! Using a few quick looks at various pages, I discovered that html coding is ridiculously easy when all you want to do is display images and link webpages. So, I went and made a nice 'cover page' for my timelapse here. I've also written a little 'index' page for my main site here. Now, I'm working on getting through the last 3 months of pictures I've taken to try and get the best of the best up (since I've got about 15GB of pics and I doubt anyone has the tolerance for a 10 hour slideshow.....) And a parting shot - Jesse being jesse.


Blogger Diane Harrington said...

I like your webpage it is so manly especially considering that I feel I just plod along using the computer with not always knowing what I'm doing

5:22 AM  

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