Saturday, June 06, 2009

Preparing for the AMSC

It is finally that time of year again to do my 'EPO' service. The teaching team has been preparing, learning and testing in preparation to send 12 of the 'local high-tech students' in to summer internships with local high-tech companies. This year, I am the 'lead instructor' of a 1-week course on optics, equivalent to a 3 credit course. It's pretty fun to teach. It's been a lot of pain and suffering but the last few years the students have always had a good time. The stats are impressive - local schools (UH, MCC, HCC) are basically 'minority serving institutions'. In the Akamai program, about 85-90% of the students either get jobs or get in to grad school. That's the payoff.... Starts tomorrow.....


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