Monday, February 16, 2009

Kualoa 2

So, in an effort to get some solitude, Isar, Heather and I walked to essentially the end of the beach, way past the Kualoa park area. It was spectacular. And the day was sunny, warm and mostly cloud free. Some "firsties" came down to hang for a few hours in the second part of the day - we caught a moon-set and then got 5 plates of ribs, rice and sausage from our neighbor. At this point, the weather started changing and I decided that my nice quiet home on the north shore was more quiet and serene then camping next to a generator with music playing at all hours with drunken outbursts.... At least there were many good hours mixed in with that decision.

Heather and I spent Monday flying (no pics though) and making spreadsheets.... Apparently, TerraPAC has "grossed" about $12,000 in rides in the plane since November. It's been a busy few months...

We spent several hours playing "stick ball" with Milo seeds and driftwood, then taking pictures of flying coconuts....

Isar "swimming". Not much water in a shallow bay like this...


Blogger Mom said...

heather looks so different without a winter coat hat ski pants boots and gloves!!!

7:39 AM  
Blogger Sleepy said...

Yay! There's my crab! My dad says they are good eating... hmmm, maybe next time

7:00 PM  

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