Wednesday, October 01, 2008


It's been a while since I've seriously posted. Long enough at least to make my mom freak out and think I had died in a plane crash. There's a whole bunch of reasons for being busy but I think the main ones are this it's proposal season. Time to justify your existance and ask for a few years more worth of food to serve the public. I was up doing a whole bunch of observing from the 24th to 28th. Got lots of good engineering and calibration as well as 2 nights on the sky but that got me tired. The referee report on the ApJ Letter came in. Observing proposals for next semester were due this morning. I'm apparently going to Nevada to do some site survey work Oct 13th to 18th with the Shabar, so I've been learning about that. Finally, an application to the NSF for a 3-year, $250K fellowship is due in a week. That should all pass fairly soon. Soon enough anyways.


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