Sunday, September 21, 2008

Gliding Part 2

Gliding is actually getting really fun. I feel comfortable shutting down the engine, gliding, and turning it back on again. I've got the glide-landing thing down fairly well (landing with no engine), even glide slipped-landings (no engine, no airbrakes). I spent Sunday unwinding at the airfield. I went up and did some gliding on the Mokuleia ridge, took a trip to the windward side, then did some more gliding. I'm at 35 flight hours and 190 landings. Pretty fun. And I'm only a check-ride away!

Kahana from the north.
North shore with turtle bay in the bottom right.
One thing I did was glide on the ridge to 2000ft and cool the engine down (to 50C), then restart and climb till the engine was at the warm limit of shutdown (75C). I got up to about 4500ft. I then shut down again and did glide training (stalls, turns etc) but from way up high and over the ocean. Stalling and falling at 45 degrees down through 4000ft to blue is a neat feeling.


Blogger Lady said...

When I look at your pictures it seriously makes me consider what I'm doing and where I'm living. Seriously.

7:38 PM  
Blogger Diane said...

Good thing I'm not your passenger I would certainly distract you with all my screaming as you were stalling

9:35 AM  

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