Saturday, May 24, 2008

AO Bench Prep Day

Today was a pretty frustrating and totally worthwhile day. We came over two days before the workshop (memorial weekend... bummer) to prepare for this thing and we needed every minute of it. Today was spent setting up the stations. My main station was totally off and I had to spend the morning aligning and fixing the adaptive-optics demonstration table (AO Bench). We also set up the other adaptive optics activities.

Hale Waiakoa (the farmhouse where we're staying) with Isar and Mark in the kitchen, Sonnett and Markus 2 in the "dining room".
Walking to the car... Look how big our bags are...
Ryan and Isar preping the "box-heads" - put these on your head and walk around with a pinhole-camera image projected on a screen in front of your eyes. Good fun.
Mark and Sonnett next to the "bendy mirror" station setup.


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