Saturday, March 29, 2008

Flight to Moloka'i

I woke up early and flew to the north shore of Moloka'i with Billy. It was crazy. We crossed the channel in a little plane. I was co-pilot and got to help with the radio work. When flying over, Billy was in control and I was shooting out the right window. Quick-draw Dave - visible in the right hand and near-infrared in the left. I got some awesome shots... In the middle of the channel there was a really fun moment where I got to consider ditching the plane in "the drink". Nothing happened with the plane, but we talked over the procecure for practice. It makes you think... On the way back, I flew and Billy shot video out the side. It was a really nice feeling to get to see a part of the islands that basically nobody sees. It's beautiful. And it was 10 gallons of gas. Damn I love that plane....


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