Friday, February 09, 2007

It's done!!

Last night was my last night observing (thesis) until next fall. I'm unbelievably thrilled. Since September, I've had 40 nights of observing, as well as probably another 40 as engineering, waiting, working, etc over on the summit. It's been great for my thesis but totally horrible for my life. It's tough being mostly alone on a summit working 10-15 hour days/nights.

Not that I get to have a normal life soon. I'm conflicted about all the traveling I'm doing. On one hand, a lot of it will be good for work and most of it will be good fun, but I liked my life on Oahu, and I'm going to miss Liz, friends and fighting. A lot of the stuff coming up soon is fun, for my sanity. The last few months has really worn me down.

Blue, Red, Orange, and Green are all travel. I'm on Oahu 25% of the time on average. But, and this is for Liz, if you count the days I'm flying her with me (since she's poor, Seattle, Zurich) and the Big Isle trip in March, that's 45% of the time I'll be "around". Not as bad. Here's the calendar.

March 1-10 (Work) Educational Program, Maui
March 18-21 (Fun) Big Island with Liz, LizFam, n Panza
April 8 - May 3 (4 Days Work & Rest Fun) Chile - Observing & Claire
May 12-20 (Fun) SanFran with Dad
May 22-June 1 (Work) Educational Program, Maui
June 2-15 (Fun) Visit Panza in Seattle with Liz
June 19-23 (Work) Observing on the Big Island
June 24-July 10 (Fun) Michigan Reunion
July 12-23 (Work) Bioastronomy Meeting, Puerto Rico
August 2-11 (Work) Adaptive Optics school, Santa Cruz, CA
August 13-Sept 9ish (Work) Modeling polarization with collaborators, Zurich

So, I think a lot of this will be fun. There's a lot of crap to get done in between, but when isn't there? Maybe I'll have enough time at home and near sea-level that I can exercise like a normal person and get rid of my squish.


Blogger Sean said...

you should switch to gmail calendar. you can manage your blog from there and allow other people to see your calendars online...its way cooler than ical (which i used to love) and will be very handy for liz (who should abandon yahoo and get one too). you won't regret it.

1:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey dave! seems that you will be going to switzerland for a couple of days... let me know if you wanna visit france, my couch is waiting for you ;)


2:56 AM  

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