Saturday, February 03, 2007

A Bike and a Kuliouou

The hurricane force winds (111mph peak on the T4 annomometer) killed any chances for using the telescope tues-fri so I went home. Basically worked and weight-roomed thurs, fri. I finally took a Saturday to go outside and have some fun. I biked the pali loop and tried out a new zoom lens (300mm). I decided to mapquest the route - 35.4 miles. Not too bad. The 1100ft to the pali lookout hurts the most.

After that was done, Sonnett and I hiked to the top of Kuliouou ridge (1700ft, 3.4mi). It was windy and a bunch of dirt got in my eyes and ears, but good fun anyways. Sonnett still thinks she's not photogenic for some reason.


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