Thursday, July 27, 2006

EsPaDoNs - Goin Big 'ailan

I'm getting ready to head off to the big island from the 31st-4th. I've got 3 nights at the CFH telescope. I'll be doing circular polarization which trace magnetic fields (sun) in the atmosphere's of low-mass stars, and also some of my usual thesis stuff (linear polarization). I'm meeting some "neutrals" who will help greatly (Swiss who have done this stuff before) since I don't know much about this type of thing yet. It should be fun, but I'm not looking forward to staying up all night 5 days and then leaving for a 30 hour plane ride to Europe 6 hours after coming home...... I've been reading like mad and staying up really late the last week to try and get ready.

The telescope.

This is a frame from the instrument I'll be using - each green line is an emission from some atom. Neon signs are red from neon emission. Aurora are green from oxygen emission. That kind of thing.


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