Saturday, May 20, 2006

Mantis Visit

so, we're completely out of the pearl city house. it feels really good to have a place so close to everything i do. the first night was spent listening to one of our neighbors 5 dogs convulse for a few hours and die around 4am. sad for the neighbors since the dog was 21 freekin years old! i slept fine but those of you who know liz will know how scrunch-faced she was in the morning. the second night was a bit better (liz actually woke up happy!). We had our bed up on risers, had fans to block out the noise of the hot-rod-civics, moped-drag-races, and all the animals. AND we got visited by a really cool mantis (after the two cockroaches). The mantis was fascinated by the camera. I don't know whether it was trying to kill it or mate with it, but the mantis would do a little shimmy and then charge the camera. Once I got too close and it jumped on the lens. Town as usual.....

Mantis, jigging along, minding it's own business.

Wait a minute, what's this big noisy thing over there. Getting curious......Pounce!
Spent and satisfied, looking for food.


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