Sunday, May 28, 2006

Keolu Motivation

Liz woke up and asked me to do a hike. It was nice to not be the one doing the suggesting! We had found a trailhead to a small hike near Lanikai the week before and since the morning was looking really grey, it looked like a good one to try. It was insanely hot but at the summit, the breeze was nice. I did about an hour and a half timelapse of some awesome clouds from the summit. Liz was feeling brave and we decided to bike around the south-east corner instead of catching a bus back over the pali. She made it to Hawaii Kai before bonking. Props!! We stopped at one of the lookouts and I was in a rush to get a timelapse set up. I deleted all the photos from the day!! Sucks! It was really pretty up there! Here's a shot of the Keolu hills from Mariners Ridge.


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