Friday, November 27, 2009

Evil Carburetor

This is probably something no mother wants to hear, but I did my first real emergency landing last week... and flew with the flaky engine again this weekend because I was a decent substitute for a test pilot. Sean and I had some loss of power out flying last Saturday but it felt like a bit of water in the gas - a shortish drop in power with a return. When I took it up again later that day, 450ft off the ground on takeoff, we basically lost all power. Now, 450 feet in a glider is plenty of elevation to just do a normal pattern without the airbrakes and land fine. No big deal. But it was a reminder of what can happen. The float valve seemed to be sticking so we cleaned that up and got decent performance back. For the week. Then, after I spent a few hours in it today, the engine got funny on Billy during takeoff again. Then we found a lose cap to a carb lubricant reservoir. I took it up later that afternoon to test it out without issue..... Good thing we fly with an emergency beacon and life jackets! Sorry mom.


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La La La La La I'm not listening!

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