Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Skwirril - For Carly

I spent the day working from my mom's table. She sold her house and started renting one door down in preparation for a move to Florida this year. It's mildly disturbing - the house is almost but not quite the same. They're same-floorplan duplex units so it's exactly the same layout but like a massive remodeling has been done because no cabinets or doors look the same. Odd. The porch sliding glass opens the wrong way.... Anyways, there were these two squirrels playing around in the tree just behind the deck out back. I took the opportunity to try out my K20D's anti-shake with my new teleconverter. I was working at 500mm zoom so the shots were really difficult. There isn't enough light for autofocus to work at such a high "open" fstop. I think the lens is at f/6.3 when at 250mm so doubling the zoom put's it near f/12 fully open.... I had to manually focus on the fly as this critter was running around. Tough but I got some great shots.

While watching this, I remembered driving around California with Carly and Michelle - the Ozzies. When Carly saw her first squirrel there was something of a shreek and an "Oh my gosh, a skwirril!". Something similar to pronouncing Yaws-Might like Veggie-mite (instead of Yosemite). I was cracking up taking these....

Come here tasty little snack!
Look at my toes!
Almost got it....
"&*&#@!" - He fell down trying to get to some snack...
And then stood up and got it.


Blogger carly82wce said...

Cutest squirrels ever!! Thanks Captain xx

5:33 PM  
Blogger Liz said...

Awesome! Excellent narration ;)

7:39 PM  

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