Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Mildly Stagnant Plotting Period....

I spent the weekend sleeping. Literally. Sweaty and sleeping. I got home Friday evening and passed right out. Saturday, I felt really achey and sore mostly functional. Had a very interesting couple of hours on the phone but otherwise a pleasant day working, napping and hanging at home with Heather up here. Sunday was another story. I was mildly feverish but incredibly sore. Heather and I drove around the North Shore for a few hours but basically I was useless. I was her ride to the airport so as soon as she headed out I came home and slept. And slept. And slept. I think I woke up sometime Monday evening. Not quite but that's how it felt. I was a useless pile of cold, in-pain sleepy flesh that couldn't stay awake for 5 minutes until mid-morning Tuesday. At least I was able to get up, eat something and start to get back to my life.... I haven't been sick in years and I have no idea why this one hit so hard and in that way. Strange. And the weirdest thing was the thoughts and dreams. So distorted and just odd... I had one a few days ago about being in a squash court covered in graph paper racing a clumzy Darth Vader who fell a lot up old ladders to complete a colored pattern by drawing in optical transmission curves with foot-long markers as measured in a spectrophotometer in court center. WTF? Run to the center, grab the filter and measure the transmission curve then quickly sketch it, grab a colored marker and run up a ladder to color it in on the wall. Darth's suit was too clunky for the ladders and he tipped over often, nearly knocking me over several times. Maybe I do too much plotting.... At any rate, that dream was before the start of this sleepy sickness and that dream seemed totally understandable.

Pupukea in the rain....


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